Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Challenge!!!

Well, I have been wondering if i should just tell people the difference of what comes to mind being of the mind or inspired from a deeper intuitive place you should pay more attention to and trust... It seems that we all want to "know" things and want to know them NOW! This can be attributed to the way we live, the character of our society. There's a solution for everything and most things lay claim to making a difference NOW.

Go to the hardware store and you will see all the stuff you can buy to clean fast, to fix something fast, to make something as easy as 1-2-3.... The commercials on TV promote products that will help you now, make this easy, or that easier, get better results faster! These are words we hear in our heads like mantras.

The truth is - things in life that are worth it take time. How long does it take the Earth to produce a diamond? How long does it take an artist to create a musical piece, a painting, a poem? How long does it take a baby to be born and then to be an adult?

We seem to want magic. Instant results, rather than be involved in a process, much less being mindful in the process. So we look for teachers, for postures, for books....something that would give us all the answers so we can just hear it, see it, read it and not have to bother discovering it. It takes too long to discover something!!!

Unfortunately, even though it works to listen to some good advise and not have to rediscover ALL things on your own, it is also much more valuable to discover all things related to your self on your own. No one has access to your heart the way you do. No one has access to your mind the way you do. Therefore, for things of this nature, you have to find the answers pertaining to your self, by your self, or else it won't be nearly as valuable.

Think of the addict who's been told by friends and family "You are an addict" and who says "Whatever! I know what i am doing. Leave me alone." For there to be an opportunity for transformation, one must know what needs to be known from within.

That's not to say that reading something will not have an effect on you. If you are in the right place, reading something that means something to you from within will definitely cause a deep impression. But in this case, the only thing that's written and needs to be written is "Listen for the difference between thoughts that come as a result of your egoic mind constructing things and your intuitive self suggesting things." This is all that's necessary for you to begin exploring the content of your own inner space.

I can tell you how i know the difference, and how it feels to me and what my challenges are and, perhaps I will some day. I can also tell you the theory. But theory, when it comes to matters of the Self is not as useful as practice.

So, I challenge you to practice. Practice being present and mindful of the content of your mind. Use the breath to quiet your self when necessary, or a mantra, or your yoga postures, or whatever you are used to doing. (I assume that people reading know the basics of meditation, if not, i will gladly present those) Then just listen. Listen to what comes and how it feels and where it goes without making more thoughts out of the ones that already arise naturally. Just listen, pay attention to the way things make you feel. Be honest, objective, open and without any expectations for a particular outcome. Just be there. Then also try to be just like that during the day as you are involved in your work, conversations, shopping, cleaning, walking the dog, whatever you are doing - watch your self do it and watch what happens within you while you are doing it. If you are willing and if you are diligently practicing, you are bound to find out where things come from...even why the do so!!!

Practice is the mother of all skill.....It takes practice and this practice over time evolves into a skill. Mindfulness is a skill. Trusting your intuition is a skill. Skills cannot be imparted on a person, they can only be gained by practice. Remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? If you read the theory of what makes bike riding successful and how it feels, do you think you could have just got on the bike and rode like a pro?

Furthermore, a skill can become your permanent trait rather than simply a passing state. Imagine if mindfulness was your permanent trait! What would your life be like then?

Good luck & report back when you have some ideas and experiences :)

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