Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roatan 08 Pictures

The Beach

Hear no evil...

Ah...the ocean

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One more incredible adventure on Roatan!!!
Yoga Retreat 2008.

After the blast we had in 2007 on Roatan, i didn't think that much can be improved! Yet, this year the island greeted us with most perfect weather. Every evening we went to bed to the sound of rain and some times thunder. Every morning we woke up to the surreal stillness of the ocean, splendid radiance of the morning sun and the magical song of birds! The white sandy beach beckoned us for a morning walk . The reef tempted us with it's magical kingdom and curious inhabitants. The palm trees gently shaded us during a midday snooze. There was time to read books. There was time to go places, meet people, make new friends and taste new flavors.

For me personally, and for everyone who came - this trip was most extraordinary!

We shared meals together. We shared yoga and meditation together. We got to know each other and enjoy each others' company. We explored around the island.

One of the highlights for me was meeting Peter the 1 year old monkey at Cumbalimba park. Peter was so refreshingly curious and entertainingly busy trying to figure out what everything was - from hair pins, to cameras, to big floppy hats and eye classes. He was soft and cuddly and from the moment i saw him, i started devising plans to kidnap him! It was love at first sight - for me that is. He seemed pretty oblivious and perfectly happy to hang out at Cumbalimba.

While at Cumbalimba we also got to see the island's legendary Monkey Lala lizard. He walks on water. He runs funny on his back legs and upright. He's rather charming but very elusive. The day we went to the park, we were fortunate to see several of them, just enjoying the shade under the palm fronts and flowering bushes. From our guide we found out that green iguanas taste better than black iguanas, and while we watched with fascination in our eyes the prehistoric shape of these creatures, our guide was rubbing his belly and licking his lips.... Different worlds!

While snorkeling at The Blue Chennal, curious yoga retreaters communed with nature swimming with turtles, and counting florescent blue dots on tiny velvet black fishes. But every day was a great day for snorkeling and exploring the reef. So, most of us did it, since the reef is just a few steps and a few fin flaps away from the front door of our resort. Silver fishes, black fishes, mango colored fishes, shy fishes, curious fishes, big fishes and small fishes, social fishes traveling in schools or solitary fishes poking around the many shapes, colors and forms of pictures will ever do it justice. It's one of those things in life that has to be experienced because no explanations can ever do it justice. Every day is a whole new experience in the water. Every day is a new opportunity to be with something you've never seen before.

Our entertainment staff made sure we don't turn into sleepy beach logs seducing us with Caribbean rhythms and dance. So, we had the pleasure of Roberto and Nancy swinging and swaying on the beach teaching us to dance. Yoga students do have rhythm!!! It has been proven now for the second year in a row! How fun!

At night they entertained us with funky skits and clever plays in the "Teatro." By special request they put up the Full Monte for us and one of our fellow retreaters, no to mention any names (Shannan), had the personal pleasure of a lap dance from Roberto and in front of the entire audience.... we've got pictures to prove it! But what happens on Roarrrtan stays on Roatan :).

Dancing the night away, we bumped into a friend from last year - Eddie - all grown up and handsome.... at Fosters. Cheap drinks. Fun music, barracuda swimming under the dance floor...well that's Fosters. Don't get too drunk or piss anyone off, or you may end up barracuda food.

Shopping at West End, this year the getting was good! The local authorities even graded the dirt road that is the Main (and only) Street on the West End. So, our crossing from shop to shop was easy. Barbara even watched a Guatemalan woman weave tapestry. After seeing it she could no longer bargain for Guatemalan tapestries because she figured this woman was making a penny a minute... definitely different worlds!

We had the pleasure of many locals joining us for yoga at the Henry Morgan! Yoga unites! Who would not enjoy our beautiful yoga room? Hardwood floors, white whimsical lighting and tons of space to spread around! This year, we also experimented with doing yoga in what is normally the Beach Bar by day. They cleared the furniture, draped some flowing white curtains, brought out a few fens and washed the wood floor and we were ready for yoga on the beach! What a view from that palapa! It was definitely an experience! It was hot... but so is Bikram yoga :) and being on the beach and looking at the water while doing yoga is most awesome. I know that because i do it every morning from my platform on the beach no more than 5 feet away from the water.

I can ramble on and on about our stay on Roatan.... I have been doing it now for a year and a half. Everyone knows i LOVE the place. But here are a few things other people say about it...

"I think i am truly different than i was a week ago - it was transformative. I loved the discipline of doing yoga every day - i felt stronger. I slept better. And towards the end of the trip, I had one of the best 24 hours of my life doing yoga, swimming with dolphins, dong my first dive. Perfect! My connection to my Spirit and Nature has been deepened by this experience." DS

"I love the resort and beaches. The staff was phenomenal. Lots of things to do and see. I love the option of having yoga both and not being obligated"

"The resort and location are excellent. This is the best value in vacationing I've ever had. I can't believe how much you get during your visit. The people were friendly and the staff was excellent. Yes, i plan on coming next year, or I would be sad now instead of happy."

"I liked the relaxed atmosphere. No pressure to follow any schedule. The environment was perfect and the people in our group were so friendly. I just cannot complain or think of anything that could be better."

"What a luxury to do yoga and meditation in such a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere! The facility and the people were fabulous! The yoga and meditation classes were what made it all happen. When you feel good, everything is good."

Well, i have 15 more evaluation forms....but you get the point. WE LOVED IT!