Val's Bio

  • Founder/Owner of the Holistic Movement Center in Morro Bay, CA from 2002 - 2016. 
  • E-RYT500.
  • Strategic Intervention Coach - life, transitions, personal and spiritual growth, conflict transformation, relationships, small business consulting.
  • MA in Psychology
  • BA in Economics
  • AS in Management
I teach private and semi-private lessons out of my private office in Morro Bay. I also train yoga teachers, offer workshops around the country, and organize yoga and adventure retreats to exotic places. 

With more than 25,000 hours of teaching experience to populations with different needs and abilities – from disabled individuals, to children and seniors, and every type of person in between, I offers a unique perspective, attention to detail and creativity that inspires as much as it challenges and informs. My fascination with the body and extensive anatomical knowledge helps me create a practice for every type of body and every type of intention.  Because of my long study of the historical and philosophical roots of yoga I can entertain any kind of question and curiosity on the subject, facilitate discussions and lecture successfully.

I began teaching in 2001 by request from many people in the area. From 2004 - 2012, I was a contributing writer with a monthly column called "Yoga for Life" for The Bay News. In 2013, I wrote a column on all things psychologically human for Indulge SLO, prior to their change in ownership, a local publication. From Dec 2009 - May 2011, I had fun producing a regular monthly TV show, called "Yoga for Life" on Ch. 2/Charter/San Luis Obispo County.

I have a very diverse background in yoga. I've had the privilege of studying (past and present) with Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Shiva Rea, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Scott Blossom, Dharma Mittra, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Georg Feuerstein and many, many others, gaining understanding and experience in many yoga traditions and styles.

In addition to my passion for yoga as vehicle for liberation, I have a Masters in Psychology from JFK University. I am a life long student of personal development, growth and transformation, Eastern wisdom traditions and Western social sciences. I am trained facilitator for the Alternative to Violence Project and volunteer my time in prisons and in the community. I volunteer as listener on 7 Cup Of Tea.

I offer the following workshops. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me for your studio or group of practitioners:

Arm Balances & Strong, Slow, Meditative vinyasa - 3 hours. 
This workshop covers foundation work on scapular and shoulder stabilization, wrist care and strengthening, anatomy of arm balances, detail instruction on various arm balance postures such as: bakasana with side variations, galavasana with two different entrances, bhujapidasana, , tolasana, astavakrasana, vasisthsana with variations, vishvamitrasana, titibasana, eka pada koundinyasan I and II with preparatory postures and different entrances, etc. Of course, the poses offered are customized for the audience and the class level.  Recommended minimum level of practice is Strong Beginner/Intermediate students. 

Back Bends & Strong, Slow, Meditative vinyasa - 3 hours. 
This workshop covers preparatory work for safe and rewarding back bends, anatomy of back bends, core stabilization and conditioning, scapular stabilization, shoulder girdle movement, progressive back bends including drop-backs and pop-ups from Urdhva Dhanurasana. Of course, the poses offered are customized for the audience and the class level.  Recommended minimum level of practice is Strong Beginner/Intermediate students

Inversions & Strong, Slow, Meditative vinyasa - 3 hours.
This workshop covers foundation work on scapular and shoulder stabilization for inversions, anatomy of inversions, modifications, and detailed instruction on most common inversions, plus arm balance inversions such as handstand and scorpion. Of course, the poses offered are customized for the audience and the class level.  Recommended minimum level of practice is Strong Beginner/Intermediate students. 

Yin & More - 2 hours.
This class/workshop, we explore yin postures and slow movement to increase flexibility, practice mindfulness, and deepen body awareness. For added benefit, essential oils are used throughout the class ending with blissful relaxation. This class can be done by anyone and can benefit everyone. 

Infinite Delight - Integrating the 5 Koshas - 12 hours 
This course qualifies for CE credits for yoga teachers who wish to maintain their certification with the Yoga Alliance. All yoga teachers will receive a certificate at the end verifying your participation. Everyone else, who is interested in learning more about the philosophy and practices of yoga, as well as to grow on their path, is welcome anytime.  
Included are theory, discussion, and practice. All practices are coordinated with each of the five koshas. The 12 hours can be split into several sessions as per each studio's availability. 

You can reach me at (805) 909-1401 or via e-mail at

What students say about me:
(anonymous surveys 2010 onward)

"Very well trained. Communicates great. Observant. Insightful. I have taken various classes over the years and by far this is the best experience I have had."
"Wonderful technician - with an economy of words Valentina explains each pose and the optimum position. Her suggestions have always helped me reach my potential in each pose.
I have learned a lot from Valentina."
"Excellent. Very safe, and very aware of each an everyone of us when we are in class. An incredible teacher."
"Very talented. Excellent in providing instructions with a strong focus on preventing injuries.
Outstanding role model. Intelligent and gifted."
"Val's classes are very enjoyable to me and i feel most comfortable as i have been instructed by her most. I am able to follow along, her guidance and attention in correction are valuable, as well as, the being informative on various health topics/issues. I appreciate her expansive articles too in her blog."
"She is amazing! She can teach anywhere in the world we are lucky to have her knowledge and skill here in Morro Bay."
"I love her! She's fantastic. She's the best yoga teacher ever. Her's is the only class I can go to where I don't get physically injured. I really need her tips on positioning and her acceptance of my limitations. I feel that I can work with where I am now in her class because she makes less intense options available. I also enjoy her readings."