Monday, November 04, 2013

Peas in a pod

Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. You may wonder who Jim Rohn is. He is best known for his personal rags to riches story and his 40 years of personal development seminars, founded on well crafted philosophy and psychology of living. When a person like that says something, the rest of us better listen.

If you want to amuse yourself, put pen to paper and write down the names and qualities of the 5 people you hang out with the most and take the average. See if you still like yourself. You may love yourself. You may decide it’s time to re-arrange your friends’ list. No need to wonder if your grandmother knew Jim Rohn, just because she told you “Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are.” It’s more likely that Jim listened to his grandmother, and look what that got him and countless others.

It is interesting to wonder about our hidden potentials and secret dreams. In her very influential book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron warns all of us that creativity is the electricity of life and a God given gift, a responsibility which if left unrealized, leaves us feeling unfulfilled, jealous of others and generally stuck with flat lives. You may wonder what does an artist, an entrepreneur, a housewife, a teacher, an engineer, or a bartender have in common, and you may conclude like most out there, that they have nothing in common. Like most others, you will be wrong.

Creativity is what we all have in common as we are the very expression of creativity – from the moment of our conception and even before. Creativity is what is needed in every aspect of our lives, from solving problems, to writing a play, to painting a room, to starting and running a business, to cooking dinner. If we approach life like a series of tasks on a to-do list, we end up waiting in line at the pharmacy for the next refill of antidepressants.

The other commonality is that we all have friends. Even the introverted types like me, who prefer the company of books and keeping the bluffs trail in Montana De Oro all for my own self. The friends we have will either help or hinder our creative expression. I young lady came to see me and told me in all seriousness “No one wants me to succeed!” I was shocked and hurt to hear this. How is she to live in a world where she felt like being herself and aspiring to become what she wants to become will be met by people who are not interested in her growth. I told her that it was simply not true - “It's just that you have not yet met the people who will want you to succeed.”

To have friends that in some way inspire your creativity, stimulate your self-expression, and support you in whatever way they can on your journey of life, are the kind of friends you should be surrounding yourself with. At the same time, you should consider being this kind of friend too, because you are also needed in realizing other’s dreams. Without your heartfelt participation, someone else’s life will be flat. Without your honest self expression, a piece of the mystery of the Universe will have to be left unrealized. Without your willingness to rise above your fears and limitations, the only faith that awaits you is the well worn out spot on your couch… and then you die.

Where would you like to start today? What area of your life needs a creative infusion?

Valentina Petrova is the person to go to when you need help sorting yourself out and enjoying a fulfilling life. She is a strategic interventionist, life & transitions coach and so much more, once you get to know her. /805-242-3181/ Facebook – CoachValentina.

This piece was originally published in Indulge SLO Volume 1 / Issue 6