Thursday, January 26, 2012

14 billion years later….

When you think about it, it’s taken the Universe 14 billion years to produce you. From nothing to matter, to Earth, to apes and assholes, here we all are. If that’s not amazing, what is? The other question is, what are you going to do with this opportunity?

Will you burst forth and create with the same kind of madness the Universe is manifesting every living thing, every shape, form, color, texture and smell? Will you be as bold and as busy, as fearless and magnificent? Or will you be just a pile of flesh, bones and sorry ass excuses for why you can’t do something?
I mean, human life is short as it is. It’s no time at all, in Universal terms. Yet, in that no time at all, there’s an opening, a possibility and a potentiality in every one of us to continue to manifest this Universe in whichever direction we choose to.

Looking around, it makes me think that the most complex, exiting and full of potential creation of the Universe – us, humans, may be failing at realizing its importance. Not as in “self-importance.” We are good at believing that. As in Universal Importance. As the creators of the future. As the foundation for evolution to continue from us in whatever amazing direction it needs to go.

Note the words “it NEEDS to go.”

Do you ever wonder what you are here to manifest, in Universal terms?

If you are hearing answers such as “I want to…” you are looking in the wrong direction.

If you are inspired to do something, but…there’s a “but” in there leading to your excuse of why you are not already on your way to manifesting your inspiration, you are fooling yourself. Buts are just like butts. Everyone’s got them. They get big and cushy the more you sit on them. You simply have to move and keep moving.

So, no buts, butts, or baloney. Be that which you are here to do.
Enough said.