Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do you know if you are doing the right thing?

1) Check the facts.
2) How much discomfort - mentally and emotionally, is your decission causing you?

3) Do you feel free to change your mind and open to suggestions without getting emotional about it?
4) Do you think that it's someone's fault and doing that is causing you to....whatever....? 
5) Are you at peace with the consequences of your actions and decisions?
6) Check the facts (about the consequences of your actions).

Well, of course this all assumes that you are willing to be totally honest with your self regardless of what you find. It also assumes that you are ready and willing to act in the right direction at all times without judging your self....which incidentally can shows up as judgment toward others and projecting your feelings and shortcomings to them.

Finally, there is something to be said about being attached to your own drama. After all - it's all you may have known your whole life and most drama does come with benefits - attention, sympathy, bitching rights...and variety of others including things like always getting your way, praise and admiration (as in the case of a workaholic who manages to achieve a lot), top pecking order status....

Yes, it sounds complicated but not really. It requires moment to moment awareness to allow for the possibility to become conscious of all these forces. Once you become conscious of them - accept that this suitcase of old stuff is yours, put it down and move on. The 6 steps above are a way to check in to make sure you have really put down the suitcase not just repainted it or moved it to your other hand.


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