Saturday, June 24, 2006

British Virgin Island, July 2006 - The Baths. There is magic everywhere. Some times you have to peak around a boulder and off the beaten track to find it, though. This picture was taken while on a sailing trip with my husband and a few friends in the Caribbean. We managed to survive a tropical storm. Got to swim in 80*F water. Met some very exotic, colorful tropical fish, a dolphin, and lots of nice local people and happy vacationers. Danced the night away during the Full Moon Party on Tortola. My husband dived for treasure on Treasure Island (Norman Island). I did yoga every morning at sunrise on the top of the boat - gives "balancing" poses a whole new meaning. If you go and you drink alcohol - try the Painkiller! According to the friends I went with it does work! I stuck to fruit drinks and water... A lesson to remember - if you buy a rasta hat, don't wear it to the airport on your way out. One of the girls who came with us did exactly this and wondered why she got singled out and her luggage searched from inside out. She missed her connecting flight. We came home refreshed, a little darker, and inspired for a life of freedom and no obligations. Now how do we get it.

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